VeloU Rewire Balls

Features and benefits

Same size as a baseball

Tired of the inconsistency of size? Us too.

Every VeloU Rewire Ball is the exact same size as a traditional baseball regardless of the weight.

Extra Durable Material

VeloU Rewire Balls are made with a thicker and more durable material ensured to withstand the countless throws and Velo upticks you will make over your baseball career.

New York Based Support

Have questions? Our support team is based in New York and is ready to assit you with your order.

12oz Rewire Ball

We felt obligated to add the 12oz Rewire ball to our powerful lineup.

This addition helps fill the gap between the 8oz and 16oz Rewire ball for a more fluid and progressable application.

Easier to Read

Each ball is marked by color and weight in both ounces and grams.

No more confusion!

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  • Ryan Murphy - SF Giants Organization

    "I used these VeloU Rewire Balls before every game this season and have continued to use them in my off-season training. Excellent tool. The fact they are all the same size is a major plus."

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  • Aidan Curry - Texas Rangers Organization

    "The VeloU Rewire Balls have helped me tremendously. I use them to become more aware of where my arm is in space. I absolutely love them."

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  • Boston Flannery - UNC Signee

    "One of the things I love about these Rewire Balls is how they are all the same size as a baseball. The different weights are a smoother progression and really help me unlock certain mechanics."

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