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VeloU Velocity Remote Training

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At VeloU, we turn throwers into champions.

Through a comprehensive 1-on-1 initial evaluation, you will personally work with one of our coaches to come up with an individual training program to help you hit all of your goals. This individualized program will be built to your exact needs, which includes a warm up, throwing routine, strength guidance and recovery. 


What exactly you will receive:

  • Warm-up, mobility routine and recovery routine
  • Custom throwing and plyo drill routine
  • Individualized strength and power programming
  • Undulated Program prioritizing your health and performance

In addition, you will also receive unparalleled athlete support:

  • Early access to new projects
  • Exclusive discounts to partner and affiliate brands
  • Unlimited access to all coaches via Slack App



We ship to any address in the United States.

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