The Ultimate Drill Vault: 500+ Drill Library for Hitting Success : SSA (Softball Strength Academy)

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The Ultimate Drill Vault contains over 500 hitting drills for coaches and athletes to utilize to improve their coaching capabilities or playing performance. In conjunction with starting for four years at the University of Alabama, Coach Cassie has over 15 years of coaching experience with hundreds of athletes.

Within that time, she has combined her knowledge of biomechanics, human movement, and high level hitting to create the Ultimate Hitting Drill Vault. All 500 drills are categorized based on typical hitter needs as well as tiered with levels to accommodate beginner and advance hitters alike.

This Drill Vault is perfect for any coach who feels stale with their current coaching progressions or a parent who is seeking a hitting resource to aid their son or daughter with. This Drill Vault would also be extremely valuable for self-driven athletes looking to take their hitting game to the next level but may not have the coaching resources available to them on a daily basis.

“The Hitting Vault, like Cassie’s content, is clear, concise and extremely well produced. All of the information is expert knowledge that is easy to understand for any parent, athlete, or coach.”
-Kayla Braud, ESPN Analyst


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